this will last.. forever

What were your favourite things to wear in the Summer? my levis shorts, a loose t-shirt, raybans, allstars or nike free. what ya got for ur bday? i got a pair of nike free shoes, nilssons version of acne pistol, vans sneakers, money for my trip to berlin this fall, a sweater, a line and jo earing. are you a friendly person? i would say so! ;) you like to reading books? not at the moment really, but thats because im so busy with school. must-have item in your closet atm? my nike free! how was your bithday? great thanks! do you have a boyfriend? no not really :) best-buy ever? (anything) my militaryjacket. what's your favourite country for a vacation/holiday? london was good. i like turkey and australia too. what do you want to be when you're grown-up? i really dont know, i havent made that up yet :D maybe an interpreter. how tall are you? 178 cm (5'10). how much do you weigh? idk, 59-60 kg i think. your so thin, are you doin any sports? no nothing, im really lazy when it comes to sports. did you ever had a boyfriend? when i was 7. do you smoke?/did you ever smoked? i don't smoke, but i've tried it. are you drinking alc?/ did you ever have been drunken? im a dane, of course! :D are you doing a lot with boys?/ more with girls? like hanging out? both boys and girls. do you have brothers/sisters? name? how old? 3 brothers, 9, 7 and 1. What are your fav places in town? Klaptræet, rust, a really small cafe close to gammel torv. how are your modeling going? good! did you ever get the job at A&F ? No :/ you have to be 18! what is your best beauty tip? take half a glass of oliveoil and massage in you hair and scalp, REALLY IMPORTANT! put shampoo in your hair before rinsing out with water, if not you wont be able to wash the oil out. How to u stay so thin?! i eat whatever i feel like, dont exercise, but i have a high metabolism. kom du nogensinde ind på den sorte diamant? nej, det så simpelthen for nedern ud. hvad gjorde du istedet for hvis nej? jeg tog i byen med nogle venner. hvad tid var du hjemme? øhm.. kl 3 tror jeg. yndlingsmodel? frida gustavsson. hvilket kamera bruger du? intet :D hvad er din linje i gymn.? musik A, engelsk A, drama B. hvorfor valgte du sankt annæ? fordi jeg har gået der i folkeskolen,og jeg elsker den. how do you see yourself in 10 years?:) boyfriend, good job, surrounded by people i love, paris maybe?? the most embarrassment thing ever? i forgot to close the door to the bathroom at a gym, and this father with his child saw me completely naked :D what are your favourit subjekt in school? danish and english are you still friends with Caroline from miami peach??? yup :D how much money do you get for modeling ? it depends on the job. hvornår begyndte du at interessere dig for mode? da jeg var 14 tror jeg :Dhvem er din yndlings danske designer pt. ? karen by simonsen og david andersen tror jeg. hvilken skole går du på? (du går i 1.g, ikke?) sag og jo. What is your favorite store ? acne. how did you become a model? i was spotted on the street. Newest H&M things you bought?! a black sweater/dress Or/And the best things from H&M i have a lot of favorites. Do you like the Mulberry Alexa? love it! which do you have in this jeans? in cheap monday 27, h&m 25-26, or 36. Synes du selv du er smuk? Nej, men jeg er heller ikke utilfreds! :) Which model manegement are you modeling for? 1st option. do you have a job (other than modeling) no :( how long have you known Ida, and how did you meet????? 1-2 years, through a friend. what do you wanna do after high school? study danish maybe.Er det dig til venstre? :) link: ja det er mig, ligner en tomat!

i guess this is goodbye

Hey guys,
as you might have noticed, i haven't posted for ages. i think it has something to do with my interests for blogging. i don't think i want to "share" my life and thoughts with cyberspace etc. anymore. it's not that i havent enjoyed blogging, i've just found out that i want to share my life with my friends and family, not people who dont know me. it has been a pleasure blogging on palefreckles, and you have all been amazing readers. as a last post i'll finish the questionround, and answer all the questions. thanks for now, who knows if we'll ever meet again!

x Asta



i've tried to find the most tacky, sparkeling, pink sweet sixteen picture. this will be my imaginary huge sweet sixteen party, and convertible car etc. as you might have guessed already. im turing 16, in 7 min. and because i don't have the possibility to write tomorrow, i'm doing it today. hope you guys enjoy your sunday, and i will soon be back with pics of my new haircut + gifts.


i've got a feeling

...that tonight's gonna be a good night. "play for pakistan" tonight and later party at the black diamond. 


acne pistol(!)

if you haven't noticed already, i adore the acne pistols. and this is how i would style them.


i'm off to school. here's a nice picture of how i would wish i looked like today. and my favorite song atm.



i made this skirt in 30 seconds. just a piece of fabric and some 'knotting skills'. kidding. no i really like the result, what do you think?
update: i know that you wish for a more detailed photo, but it was like an "tigh-it-everytime-you-use-it"

who are you?

Hey guys
A blog is about a person, the person's style, feelings, life etc. And i feel selfish not knowing about you! I wanna know who you are? do you have a blog or something interesting to say about yourself? Submit a comment below! pls

UPDATE: you are sooo sweet! all of you, and i've checked all of your blogs out, looking good. just saying(!)