who are you?

Hey guys
A blog is about a person, the person's style, feelings, life etc. And i feel selfish not knowing about you! I wanna know who you are? do you have a blog or something interesting to say about yourself? Submit a comment below! pls

UPDATE: you are sooo sweet! all of you, and i've checked all of your blogs out, looking good. just saying(!)

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Maxime sagde ...

first i want to say that i really love your blog, you're really pretty and have a great sense of style.
i'm maxime and i'm 14 years old. i've lived in amsterdam my whole live and i love it here. i have a blog called the heat (maximevnamen.blogspot.com).
well, that's about everything.. haha.
x maxime

Isabel sagde ...

I'm Isabel and I'm 14 years old. I live in Australia!
I love your blog so much.


Who's that girl sagde ...

Love your blog and you are such a pretty person, with a lovely style :)

My name is Camilla, I'm sixteen years old, just started in High School, from Denmark and this is my blog:

Andrea sagde ...

First i must say, i adore your blog!

My name is Andrea and i'm a 14 years old girl, from Denmark, and this is my blog

(feel free- very free- to check it out)

NLR sagde ...

(Choosing to write English so everybody'll understand...) I love your blog and think it's a great initiative to take the time to get to know your followers! :-) That proves just how much you care.

My name is Nanna and I'm an 18 year old girl from Århus, Denmark. I blog about my inspiration, life and outfits just as you do - go check me out if you like :-)

Eleri sagde ...

naww ur so sweet :D with your sense of style i would post way more :DD
I'm Eleri,from Estonia and i'm 15, i have a blog - huitbonbon.blogspot.com
it's not some superduper fashionblog where i'm wearing acne,Wang etc (though i SO wouldn't mind), just sharing some photos and outfits, hope you like it!

marie jedig sagde ...

I just.....like black

liisa sagde ...

great blog u have here.

i'm 15, from estonia. blog is called fruit machine. it's about me, my interests and a bit of fashion.


Nora A. sagde ...

my name's Nora, i'm 15 and i really like your blog, i found it through Ida's blog :)
i also have a blog: http://glowingfreckles.blogspot.com and i come from luxembourg! xx

Lia sagde ...

hi love love love your blog,
im Lia, im 14 almost 15! and i live in london
this is my blog

Lula sagde ...

I am a 14-year-old blogger from Stockholm who loves a.wang, the ysl arty ring and acne atacomas. And I think you're really pretty, wouldn't be surprised to see you on the cover of british vogue! xoxo

Marguerite sagde ...

I'm Marguerite, I live in Paris and I'm nearly 15years old. And I'm totally addicted to Fashion !
It is really kind of you to get to know your followers! I really love you're blog wich I discovered with Ida's one.
(Excuse my english, it is a little bit confused)

Ana sagde ...

HI Asta!! I found you from ida's blog which i have been following for a while and i love your blog!! Im ana. Im 15 living in New York. I've been blogging for a while now. my current blog is dressedbeliever.blogspot.com. Its basically about me, a girl who loves fashion and creating looks but doesnt know what she wants to do in life for the longrun. I hope you like it!!


Sara sagde ...

Hi! I'm Sara, I also blog too. I'm 14 years old, from Washington, DC. I love your blog, your's is so unique because your a model and it's new and interesting to hear about your life and what you do! Keep on bloggin!

Bonewhite sagde ...

Heyy, my name is Karoliine I'm 17, from Estonia and my blog is http://faslif.blogspot.com/

Kathleen Rhea G. sagde ...

Heyy! My name is Kathleen but I go by Kat :) I'm just a simple girl that loves fashion, writing and photography. All three are my life!!

check out my blog:
or my tumblr:

hana sagde ...


I love your blog, and your perfect chin :P (for real!!) im Hanna , Im from Hungary (woot woot! :D) and im nineteen - feeling a little bit old now, that i read the comments. I will graduate high school this year, beacuse i was studying in Japan so i had to skip a year - but it totally worthed it! I love japan and design. I would like to study product design from next year.
I have a blogspot koredake.blogspot.com and a tumblr hanadake.tumblr.com :)

Silje sagde ...

Yea, selvfølgelig har jeg en blog ;)
http://chocolateplane.blogspot.com - eller bare klik på navnet.

Jeg bor i Kina, men kommer fra Fyn (jep, fynbo) - Bloggen siger faktisk det meste om mig...

NAZERELLA sagde ...

hey, I'm Naz from istanbul. i know your blog from ida's blog . i am college student and studying product design.

i have a blog related to fashion and little bit personal

keep blogging xx

Agnesssa sagde ...

My name is Agnes and i'm 14 living in Copenhagen like you ;) I love fashion and I wanna be a designer and a photographer, so fashion is pretty much my life.
My blog is:http://catchthemomentnow.blogspot.com/

P.s. love your blog ;)

Tatiana Marie sagde ...

Love your blog! And you're absolutely flawless and beautiful.

Here's mine: http://wild-flower-child.blogspot.com/

I just started, so there aren't a lot of things up.